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yep,..that is my focus Ariakas. The consensual couples.

Those that wish to know absolutely NOTHING about the others sexual and relationship choices.

This is a bit of a stretch, but its all I have on my tired brain right now, try and follow me..... Remember before a lot of policies become popular, people hide, and ignore all kinds of important issues. Safer sex, is a example.

We have now accepted the fact, that while it might not be the sexiest thing to do, we all generally promote having a 'safe-sex' discussion before engaging in sex acts. it has become the norm.

So thats my rambling, milkshake-loving, thought process in the last post. Why not promote a simple, quick 'must do' amongst those who follow a DADT policy ?
This would be a 'safer relationship' type of policy.

*Makes slurpy noises at the bottom, and end, of her milkshake. Ah phooey, all gone*
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