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Originally Posted by geminigirl View Post
jkelly: Not at all.. but I do recommend not entering any relationship with the intent to convert your partner to your way of thinking, be it mono or poly.
But you all must think like ME dammit!!!

Yah. No. That's like the old stereotype of a woman trying to change a man when they get married. It never works.

Whomever I date will know that I am married - that he must, by default, come first - even though in reality he allows me as much freedom as I want. There is a history of health issues that anyone involved with me must be aware of - because its a hard thing to understand if you're not living with it. Even living with it - I have a hard time sometimes understanding how truly hard he pushes himself - and then he crashes and needs me.

But yes - back to the original intent of the post.... THINK LIKE ME!!

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