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Ha, well, I stand by my post. I am not satisfied by negative definitions and choices made by whittling away at the possible. I didn't even call it monogamy in my post but rather explicitly "what passes for monogamy." I did not insult monogamy, sorry. I outlined what I feel is the negative definition of monogamy. I offered also a negative definition of non-monogamy (the only choice left because monogamy is a failure). What I was trying to communicate before the attempted character assassination was that *negative definitions in general are not very satisfying*. We are only able to make a real, consciously embraced choice when our freedom to choose is positively defined. Positive definitions of monogamy are in fact deeply beautiful and liberating.

Now I'll just sit back and wait for all the hotttt poly babes to PM me and ask me out. Since being an insufferable know it all who uses kittens and puppies to make horrifying insults look great is exactly what women want.

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