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Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
This is what passes for monogamy in our culture but is really a fear-based choice, a desire to possess the other, to protect oneself, a self-righteous conditional love that is not in the least truly interested in the full freedom and passion of the other or oneself.

Your assumptions of monogamy are severely skewed. Yes, these attributes do apply to some relationships (but there are negative manifestations of poly as well..and every other relationship style) It is unfortunate that the environment you are from has instilled this misunderstanding. If I chose to speak of poly in a negative way I could fill pages, but I don't. I won't attack what I truly don't understand.

I've edited this because Immaterial was right in calling a possible passive aggressive shot at him. To disagree with the comment is one thing, to attack him as a person without knowing him personally is not appropriate, especially on his blog. I apologize for that aspect of my comment.

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