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Originally Posted by AstronautLoveTriangle View Post
Just last night thought, she came out and told me that there was someone else that she met, and they just clicked, and she told me that she wants to pursue a relationship with him, a sexual one. She just said today she would be into having sex with him if they could have a chance to feel out and explore that.
Well hopefully she is willing to work with you at your pace. Or at least one that you can both be comfortable with.

Funny thing is, is I want to experiment with polyamorous relationships, but, truth is....I have so much growing up sexually to much exploring to do still...and I just feel a little bit left out when my girlfriend comes to me and says she found someone else to share something special with.
To be honest, its rare when a couple discovers they are both poly at the same time. All you can do, as the sort of odd man out, is research the crap out of it and understand whats going on


Get a good intellectual understanding of how each of these work and how they work for you.

If you want to be poly. Join a poly group and meet people. Local people can help you, the internet is only so good at times

And i'm not one to just go outto the bar and pick up girls...i've never been good at that. I'm scared now that our whole relationship dynamics have changed, and...i dunno what to think.
Honestly, you might have to learn. Build your own social circles, preferably of people who may be like minded.

You should also discuss with her why she wants it. What does she think if you try it. This is a pandoras box of relationship stuff that is going to come to the surface. Search this forum, there is a lot of information.

Oh...and don't try to be poly...if YOU aren't. If you are mono, don't confuse yourself by trying something that may feel inherently wrong for you

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