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M just wanted to tell you, for what its worth... When I was your age I went through similar feelings. I was broke, made some bad choices to live with people who were not in a good place, drug addicted, steeling, selling acid etc. I ended up on the street and hungry. I was too proud to ask for help because I was still at university. I lived at school in the painting studio (fine arts). When school ended I had to fess up. I was stuck. My dad drove across canada to get me. He took pictures of me. What a mess! Skinny, hollow eyes. Defeated. I was so embarrassed and felt like a failure. That was over twenty years ago. I can honestly say I see it coming around. My parents will need help from me soon and I now have the responsibility of my own son. Helping the next generation. I think, as has been said already, that your responsibility right now is to keep at it. Which you are doing. And be grateful. It all comes around. It really does.
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