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Got back from the Ohio trip last night.... ugh. We packed up and left Mohegan's parents house at 8 AM. We didn't get home until 10:30 PM.

I hate Pennsylvania. I think the whole damn state is constantly under construction, and no one who lives there drives anything but semis. Add in nasty, vicious cops and a speed limit that never goes over 55 mph.... it's the worst place ever for someone like me to drive.

The trip was kinda so-so. Got to unexpectly catch up with the ex who told me to pursue Mohegan 8 years ago, which was really cool. Talked one of my friends out of doing something that would have cost him his job and gotten him arrested, which was REALLY cool. Got to check out another friend's new deli/sub shop, he's making a killing but working his butt off, but the shop is amazing.

The rest of the trip was really boring, though.

Avoided dealing with my crazy family entirely. I am done being the parent to a 60 year old man, his 49 year old wife, and their two sons. If they can't handle life at this point, they'll never be able to, and that just isn't my problem anymore. My little brother got 2 years probation - so it didn't turn out too badly for him anyway. I really wasn't needed.

Mohegan wants to go back in six weeks for The Most Boring Wedding Of All Time. (Yes, that's a proper noun ) I'm trying to convince her any way I can to just leave me here, but I doubt that it'll happen - I don't think she can make the drive by herself.

So yeah, I'm stuck going to the wedding of The Pretty Pretty Princess, who is probably the last person I'd be willing to spend any time with under normal circumstances.

I'm gonna need a lot of scotch for this...
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