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I am finding it hard to believe she is pushing you so hard! Why? Why rush? Why cause you so much pain? It really does seem to me that you are not being selfish. SHE IS! There is no reason other than she doesn't love you anymore, that she should be going to see this guy. She should NOT be doing that.

I feel like I am banging my head against the wall. How many times have I repeated this on this thread? Three, four? That she should not go, should slow down, should negotiate with you at your pace...Grrrr. I give up.

Sorry hurt, nothing against you, its just very frustrating to give hard earned advice and opinions when it seems they are not ackowledged or considered even. Obviously I am not needed on this thread and she is not interested in what I have to say, so good luck to you. My energy is better spent elsewhere. Please feel free to pm if you want. Until there is some aknowledgement of even being remotely thinking about anyone but herself, and I don't mean in terms of saying how hard it is that she loves two men, I mean in terms of being concerned about doing right by you and your kids, then I'm done. He sounds like a cowboy at this point that is convincing her to leave you for another monogamous relationship and she is allowing it. Frustrating, and selfish, end of story.
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