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Originally Posted by hurt View Post
First off i want to say thanks to everyone that replyed. Imperfect is back home but things havent been so good. All i can think of is the next time she is ready to go for another visit. I have given her my whole heart for so long the thought of sharing her kills me.I really want her to be happy but I dont know if I will be happy in this situation. My fear is that I can see how much her feelings have grown in such a short time, that I am thinking she will eventually leave me for him. I feel that I am the one with the most to loose here, and I know that I sound selfish. Imperfect told me about everything that went on during her vacation, and I have forgiven her in my heart, but I know the pain I felt while she was gone and the pain that I am still feeling. It really hurts just to know she is talking to him, Thats why I cant see letting her go again. We have been talking about seperating so she can freely see me and him whenever she wants to, but I dont want to be away from her. I am so confused. I dont know what my next move should be. I dont want to make any decisions becouse my emotions change every few min. So for now we are going to stay together for the children becouse I think in the end they will be hurt the most..I will post more of my thoughts when i start to think clearly.
I can see your pain.. I can understand your pain. But I have to ask, "Why you would stay?" You think she is doing something wrong, and needs to be forgiven. As long as you feel that way, this will continue to hurt.

Read here some more... Get used to the ideas... It takes a while to wrap your mind around it... It helps to look at how others have dealt with this.

You've set up an impossible negotiation. You want to go back to where the relationship was. It never will be the same. You can't unring that bell.
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