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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I hate to sound like that asshole Jay Severin, but what then? People marrying their pets?

ALL legal marriage should be ABOLISHED and anyone who wants to can just make up their own independent contracts. That should level the playing field.
Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
I think that legal marriages should exist, but between same species this point. But contracts would definitly be the way to go.
Fortunately I'm pretty sure contracts, and marriages require some kind of consent between the parties, so we needn't worry about pets since they'd probably be found incapable of giving informed consent. But there's no reason to be speciest about it, since if marriages were setup as contracts, it should be open to anyone with enough sentience to understand what it says...which will save a lot of time, tears, and blood when the alien invasion comes and the whole species thing comes up again...

Seriously though, the idea of flexible term contracts based on individual group needs (tell me that doesn't sound paradoxical already) would probably save society a lot of tears, heartache and bloodshed upfront since divorce would simply become a non-renewal clause, and people stuck in bad situations would also know there's an end in sight, and decide if they need to break now, or wait until the end of contract, which would probably be a shorter time than what some unfortunates wait for under the current system.

Although I'm not sure if the Lawyers would go for a smaller flat rate up front in lieu of the big $ they make in the current cycle of divorce & alimony.
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