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Originally Posted by clairegoad View Post
One of the lessons of a poly relationship is how to handle all emotions, not just jealousy.

And looking at those emotions, and what lies beneath them...

And how to deal with difficult emotions.

There are some amazing, difficult lessons... but there's growth in learning -- and you can apply this lesson to all emotions- not just jealousy.

Eventually, you learn to enjoy the solitary times, and to find new interests, and to grow as a person in ways you never imagined.

Welcome to the journey.

I completely agree! Learning to deal with emotions has enriched my relationship beyond belief. I love to learn and you're so right with learning comes growth.

Grace- my husband (Karma) and I are still in the begining stages of making this work for us, but while trying at times, it is a fulfilling journey. There are a lot of great posts on here about jealousy, envy and communication. Hopefully someone a little more compter savy than I can link them. I usualy just search them or look in the thread that has a list of links. I've learned so much reading through these threads.

I am slowly getting to the point of enjoying the quiet time when Karma is with his girlfriend. I have still have plenty of moments that I'm a ball of emotions, but it is getting easier.

Best of luck to you!
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