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Hi! I'm Betty. I'm a coffee-drinking piano teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area. I like to play blues piano and read how-to books and sci-fi in my spare time. Lately I've been watching The Dollhouse and 24 via Netflix.

I'm engaged to be married in September of 2010 to my long-time partner, Dr. Sweetheart. Four days after we marry we'll celebrate our 10th anniversary. I was in an intense relationship for more than two years with Mr. Magnetic, and I'm still kinda broken up about the end of that. I'm seeing Teh Grimster and Mr. Surrealist and I'm in full on happy-about-that mode.

Dr. Sweetheart and I have been poly for the vast majority of our time together; for essentially ten years. I was *not* a duck-to-water polyamorist, but this far in, it seems as natural as breathing to me. Most days. When my hormones and the stars are aligned.
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