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Good Morning,

I am fairly new to poly and fairly new to romantic relationships. I'm a bit odd in that I find few people attractive. I was raised very religious and only recently underwent a serious questioning of my faith and prior beliefs. The aftereffects of that mental battle allowed me to evaluate some other things I was experiencing and denying.

So, a few months ago I was honest with myself and a married couple I was friends with. Now, I'm dating them. Our relationship has had several quirks and has settled into a very odd shaped triangle which is still morphing. I struggle with being a "secondary" in the relationship. I deeply desire to become part of their lives in a more permanent sense, but from continued discussions with my GF, I think I need to be able to be satisfied if that never happens.

I also had an odd dating relationship with another guy when I started dating them. I say odd, because it began and continues with the intention on both our parts of not becoming a "primary" relationship. It feels more like a friendship with benefits. I have continued my relationship with him and have found it helpful for some of the times when I felt like an intrusion into my couple's lives. He also helps give me someone to talk about when I get grilled about my dating life, why I'm not married yet, etc. by friends/family who would not be comfortable with poly.

I sometimes think it might be nice to try to find one more relationship, one which might progress to have a committed live-in relationship to come home to to. but adding another person to my schedule just might knock me off the deep end.

I'm also into RPG games (more story, less rules), cycling, gardening, knitting,
fantasy, scifi, have 2 cats, and a 50gallon fish tank. Plus I have a smallish freelance graphic design business on the side.

Oh, and thanks to my girlfriend I'm a fan of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. any PBAL fellows?
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