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Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
I think the suggestions to "just ask" are utterly insane! Every interaction between a man and a woman is inherently dishonest and based on a game. Surely, this "communication" thing is a trick, just another way for people to gain the upper hand in the mating dance? :-)
I don't believe in games when it comes to feelings in any sort of interpersonal relationship. This stems from how I was raised (or rather, how I wasn't), where it was anyone's guess as to how a certain family member was feeling and my job was to figure it out and act accordingly.

As a result, I have terrible anxiety at the beginning of relationships, romantic or otherwise. I need to be clear and communicative, appropriate of course, to how far along the relationship is.

Is it insane? I don't know about that. It certainly is awkward and embarrassing at times ... But well worth the result! Just last night, I discovered that A, a new relationship I am very intersted in, is just as interested. And it feels wonderful!
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