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Interesting post. I can only add my thoughts on sacrifice.

I think its normal for us to have to sacrifice some things in order to get other things in life. However, I don't think this leads to healthy relationships, simply because it implies someone gaining at the expense of the other.

I have made sacrifices of things that I wanted in my marriage in order to get other things, but those things were other things that I wanted which I think is fine, as often the things that we want are simply incompatible with each other. If I was sacrificing things that I wanted simply in order only for my husband to get something he wanted then I don't think that would be sensible.

I think in most situations you can find a solution to make sure that nobody ends up sacrificing important needs, as long as you're creative enough in finding solutions and both of you are flexible enough to realise the solution may not look exactly like what you thought you wanted in the beginning.

I recognise reading this that in the early years I viewed my relationship with my now husband in negative terms (ie in terms of how bad I felt when he wasn't around) whereas now I feel so much more positive. If he's not there I feel normal, when he's around I have something much better than normal and I'm happier than happy.
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