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I've been up for waay tooo long with to little sleep before hand, but we are safely back in Maryland. Karma is off seeing his g/f. Hopefully that gets him out of his foul mood. Getting sick of be yelled at over nothing.

Saw my Dr before we left Ohio. She gave me an as needed anxiety med and a new pain killer that's used for arthritis. Hopefully they work.

Karmas brother got 2 yrs probation. Hopefully he gets the help he needs and moves past all this.

I think I'm heading to bed. The ride home was very difficult. I love my husband, but I hate feeling guilty because I enjoy going to Ohio, because I had a good time. I hate feeling bad that I don't trust him enough yet to jsut let him stay here and that I can't really make the drive alone anyway.

Other than that, I am in a bit of a better frame of mind, and when I get a little down I just think of my niece. I told her she was a precious little treasure and she thought hard about it and then smiled and said "yeah".

Karma and I are hitting the pavement this week to try and find work.

I'm finaly coming down off all the emotions of the weekend, so I think I will enjoy my cats and the silence of my home, curl up in my own bed and read a book.
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