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So I "came out" to my mother yesterday morning over breakfast. She took it in stride, as I suspected she would, and we had a great talk about many different things. I most of the day with her, and it was wonderful to reconnect!

Afterward I went on a "date" with Griffin, the first time I've seen him since I had the poly discussion with Mr. Unicorn. I call it a date, as it was dinner and a movie, but it truly wasn't. I let him know that the conversation came up, and it seems the uncertainty of what we had/wanted/feared has been dismissed, and we can just continue being great friends. It was one of the best times I've had with the guy in over five years of hanging out with him, and I'm sure it's because I'm not conflicted anymore.

I have to say this was not the outcome I had been expecting on that particular front, but I'm incredibly happy with the results!

Another happy outcome of all of this is that I'm feeling happier about my personality and about my body image.

I got to see a friend of Griffin's sister whom I've known since she was jailbait, and we've been cuddly and snuggly in the past, but I've been increasingly reserved with her. Last night when she "announced" herself by giving me a shoulder rub, I turned around and gave her a huge hug and told her how good it was to see her.

I went for a bra fitting yesterday, and it's amazing what a difference a properly-fitted breast harness makes. I have always had A RACK and I had apparently been trying to wear a DDD when I should have been wearing a *cough* G cup, and with the new bras my breasts are now lovely and supported and back to being fun to display instead of being awkward. I took the liberty of putting them on display last night during my date, and I told Griffin that he wins in either case: either he cares and he can admire them and have a great time with me, or he doesn't care and he can have a great time with me. I sure felt like a million bucks, regardless.

And my husband has been reaping the rewards of my happiness all the way around. It's great!
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