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Originally Posted by distraughtinNJ View Post
Yes, I am looking for benefits of being mono in a poly relationship.
If you are just looking for stuff in the "Pro" section, you could try:
1) You get to be with this person you love.
2) There is a much less of an issue of cheating since he is being honest with who he is sleeping with. (That assumes the damage of cheating is the lieing, not the sex itself.)
3) You are able to be part of a larger poly family. You will have more people in your life that feel like family. You may or may not hit it off with his wife as friends. But who knows, maybe you will become good friends with someone his wife dates?
4) You know he is with you because he wants to be with you, not because he "settled" or made some committment long ago. He will not leave you for another woman because you are not limiting him. So the only reason for you two not to be together is because you have grown apart.
5) You get to go to poly meetings and act cool and hip. You can be in on the "in" jokes and have a nice scandelous story for them vanilla people.
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