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I really wish the poly group here in Vegas was more active - andmore accessible! We've had a devil of a time even figuring out whenand where they meet, much less being able to put together something like that. There's no excuse for it, especially since we live in the convention capitol of the freakin' planet!

RP, Karma - I too hold that these things can wane a bit over time; but to my mind that's part of it being 'dead'. I have never understood why people talk about sex lives stalling in marriage (mine waxed and waned a bit but at our least active was far moreso than what I read is the 'average'), and while there is definitely a surge of romantic behavior during the courting phase and 'honeymoon period', I would NEVER let it go completely - perish the thought!

Back to the camp and poly groups and whatnot - what about organizing a national (Canada doesn't make it international, I can cross without a passport, lol) poly convention sometime? On a bigger level than has been done before? I have connections here for space and special rates...
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