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Default Dating has changed...

I'm pretty certain dating doesn't exist at all in some places...

All the old dating rules apply if you want them to... (I'm 50, so the guys I'm meeting are 45+ so they tend to pay for the meal - if there is one.)

Part is going to a restaurant/venue where you can talk to each other and hear each other. Movies suck for dates - just sitting in a dark theatre. Although the right movie, and a discussion later could be wonderful. For that matter a bit of petting during the movie could be fun... (Do people still pet?)

Maybe it helps to declare it a date, to go through the old fashioned, "I asked, so I'm paying" routine. Maybe we should say, "I feel attracted to you, I'd like to know if you feel the same way."

Like everything else, it's all about communication. Find out what others want. Let them know what you want.
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