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Its been a few months since I posted on here. My ex came to visit again this weekend after I hadn't seen him for a whole year. We had emailed a fair amount and spoken on the phone a few times. My husband had managed to meet up with him on 3 occasions through the year as they are good friends but I hadn't been able to see him.

Anyway.. this weekend was so lovely. After a year there are definitely still sparks between us. We were cuddling and hand holding a little (discreetly and away from the children) but he was helping out around the house, playing with the kids (of course they already know him since he's a longtime friend) and generally feeling like a really comfortable person to have around. When it was almost time for him to leave I got to sit on the couch between my husband and him and hold both their hands and at one point had them both stroking my leg. Then when he left I kissed him goodbye after asking my husband if it was ok to do so. I told him I think I want a relationship with him but I need to get to know him some more and really really take our time because I definitely don't want to cross any lines and risk hurting my husband, or losing our friend.

Sorry for the dull update lol, this must be one of the slowest growing relationships ever I think.
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