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Default Dating...

And I know there's a sticky about dating and polyamoury - but this is rather more elemental.

How do you KNOW you're dating someone?

At what point does 'going for coffee' and 'getting together to hang out' stop being a friendship thing and move into an exploration of a romantic relationship?

I ask because I have never done the dating thing. Been out on ONE date in my entire life. Even my husband and I didn't date.

So while I'm not at that point yet - I like to do my research and be prepared... because I will happily carry on, enjoying someone's friendship, not realizing that the other person is seeing our relationship as something entirely deeper. Or conversely - I will be crushing, only to be crushed when I find out they are just "not that into me"

My previous relationships have been - hey, lets hook up, hey i like you, hey you're my boyfriend type things...

Even my relationship with the Man was a little skewed.

So dating scares me. Mostly, because at the tender age of 36, I don't know what it looks like to date someone. I have no frame of reference.

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