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There are people who come into our lives, sometimes, if we're so fortunate, that it feels as if it were meant to be. And I suppose there's a sort of way that this may be true, but it's more like how the rain is "meant" to water the flowers and the clouds are "meant" to provide the rain.... It's a natural fit.
I really like how you put this. I believe that some people are "meant" to be together in the sense that they just fit. Not necessarily opposites but like two puzzle pieces with irregular edges. My husband and I are like that. We complement each other almost perfectly. I saw almost because I don't believe perfection is possible. But being a type of Atheist myself, I don't think that someone or something "meant" us to be together.

I also don't believe that we must limit ourselves to one "meant to be" person. They could be lovers or friends or even that person who you constantly have contact with but cannot get along with. My husband and I were "meant" to be lovers and spouses. My other friend and I are "meant" to at the very least be friends. And I hope, someday, to possibly find the man who was "meant" to be the other half of our V.
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