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I had chivalry ground into my brain at a young age, and you're right - it does seem to be dead. Most of the girls I've dated are used to guys that don't know how to treat a woman, or, in a few cases, deliberately treat them like crap. I don't get it...

I still get a little miffed when Mohegan doesn't let me get the door for her, but that's not her fault - my uncle (the main father figure in my childhood) still to this day cuffs me in the back of the head if he catches me forgetting to open the door for any woman

And yes, he taught me to light a lady's cigarette for her, as well. Just try to convince my wife to slow down and let someone do that for her, though.
This is my family. It may be little, and broken, but it's still good. Yeah, still good.
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