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Default Walking a new path...

After much discussion... some of it good discussion, some of it attacking/hurtful discussion.... Dh asked me today if I wanted to open up our relationship.

The smart-assed brat in me wanted to respond with "DUH"

Instead, I simply said "Yes, I would like to be able to explore possibilities that present themselves"

Funnily enough - there was a moment of "EEP" when he said HE was interested in exploring - but I understand where it comes from and can work through it. There are some insecurities on my part, but I know those are MY insecurities - and that as long as we continue to converse, and talk about the things that are important to us, we'll continue to grow together.

We have, at this point, set one major boundary.... our D/bg relationship will be OURS... no one gets that but me :-)

Its an interesting journey we'll be taking...
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