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Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
I do however hold some hope that there IS someone special out there that is who I am meant to be with. I look forward to the day they come into my life.
I once, briefly, entertained a way of thinking about relationships which resonates with this notion, but I no longer do. I don't think there has ever been or ever will be anyone "I'm meant to be with". When I read this, I thought, "Meant by what, or whom?".

But I'm not a theist of any sort whatever. Yet the world is no less "mystical" and magical a place, or less wonderous or good, without a God or God-like something orchastrating my fate.

There are people who come into our lives, sometimes, if we're so fortunate, that it feels as if it were meant to be. And I suppose there's a sort of way that this may be true, but it's more like how the rain is "meant" to water the flowers and the clouds are "meant" to provide the rain.... It's a natural fit.
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