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Default Poly Camp

WOW! We just got back from our first poly camp and is not what I expected but definitely a great time
There was people there from Western Canada as well as Washington state. Redpepper, Polynerdist and me hosted a workshop/discussion on Vs and traids which focussed on how we work together and why we work so well. Derby was also a part of this which worked out great when we discussed the relatiosnhips between metamours (thanks Derby ) There was several other workshops including a message one and a Poly 101 discussion hosted by this forum's very own Geminigirl...thanks to you too!!

Today Redpepper and I hosted a workshop on Mono/poly relationships. This was not one I was looking forward too, but Redpepper was very supportive of me. I was worried about being triggered but this didn't happen. We drew upon many of the experiences on this forum as well of why it works for us specifically. It ended up being a very rewarding experience. Thanks for pushing me a little Lilo!!
All in all this was a great experience, we met new people and got to know some old ones much better. Can't wait till next year

Big thanks for Redpepper in urging her men to share our story and keeping us focussed so there actually was workshops from our perspective You rock sexy Bbay!! I love you

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