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I love anything that will get my boys to read.

I was in a bookstore over the weekend (ah the joys of a broken vehicle - get to explore strange new towns, but I digress) and happened to pick up the Wizard of Oz for my youngest to read while we waited for the Jeep to be fixed. Turns out it was done - but he can read in the car.... and in the space of a 3 hour drive - he had read the entire book.

I WILL be be getting the rest of them for him...

Yes I know this is a thread about movies.... Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief is a book I recently purchased for my older boy. He has struggled with it. Now that he's seen the movie, the book is a more interesting read for him.

The Karate Kid is a remake I REALLY enjoyed. I LOVED the orignal (Ralph Macchio was DREAMY) and was a little concerned about the newest one. As a remake - it DOES have all the elements of the original - Ralph's voice talking about Mr. Miagi rang through my head quite a bit in the final tournament scenes... but it was its own movie and a really good one on its own merits. It made for great conversations with my boys about bullying.

Would I like to see the Wizard of Oz remade?? Possibly... as long as it can be done in a way that differentiates it from the original. Annie was remade - but the Carol Burnett version is STILL the best. It's a stand-alone classic - even though it was a remake itself :-)
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