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Your post could not have come at a more opportune time for me to read! You are SO right!! Oh - and Mono - Maca is so right on - that's just awesome.

When Violet and I started dating a year and a half ago, she always commented on the things I would do - really basic stuff, opening doors and pulling chairs and bringing flowers. It has driven me nuts all this time how unusual she and Lana find this kind of behaviour - how have they not been treated this way before? And I'm not even GOOD at it - Mono's efforts put me to SHAME!

And now we have Adrian. And it's on a whole new level. In fact, the events that led to her being in our lives started with a conversation about how she'd never been taken on a "nice date". So I told I would take her on one - I didn't think about or care where it led, but this girl shouldbe shown a real night out. We went out a couple times before this "big date" and it turned out the connection was really there, making that night all the better, but the point is - I showed up with roses, took her to a pricey but not expensive restaraunt, walked around downtown a bit, took her to a fun but not fancy club - nothing special at all. And this girl was litereally in tears on and off all night over the treatment. I didn't know what to think! This constitutes a minimum effort for a real date in my book, and I'm not even good at the romance stuff, and she was literally thrilled to tears over it. And both other girls aren't much different!

These are beautiful, smart, interesting 21 to 24 year old women who by all rights could have their pick of any heterosexual man on earth. I keep tellling them they could each do far better than settling for me - I'm a decent catch, but they're all out of my league, lol - there are guys that are smarter, better looking, more sucessful, and would treat them even better than I do. They have their own interrelationships, but all 3 are completely enamored of me in their own way apart from the "bigger picture". And in my book, it's for no other reason than I'm not a complete douchebag.

Everywhere we go as a group, I get the looks and the questions. How does a guy like me have 3 girlfreinds like them, who are cool with that fact and with each other. If I told them just how easy it was, they'd call me a liar.

And the stories I hear about the treatment from past relationships has on more than one occasion brought me completely to tears. And I don't mean the outright abusive ones, of which there are a few - just the lack of compassion and respect.

And yes Maca - the more involved with them, the more I want to do. That date with Adrian has resulted in me being far more romantically inclined and active toward all of them. And ya' know what? I LOVE IT!
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