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Hi there,

Not meaning to correct, just to make sure I am understanding properly. You meant your son has been diagnosed with Aspergers ?

He is able to relate emotionally what you explained to him about love, and having more then one love ?

ASD including Aspergers, can have kids all over the scale as you know, I am sure. It will all depend on his ability to process, and relate back to you his true feelings.

As for your question,, for us, we do not talk to our kids about our personal life at all. Same way we wouldn`t talk to them about our kink life, or what my husband and I, like to do privately.

When they ask about their own lives,(and future) we talk about the various options available. We can then talk about how some people love in multiple, some only love one other. We try to give them a open, non-biased approach to life.

Once my children are older, if they were to ask directly, we will not hide nor pretend. We are not ashamed, just private.

Sounds like your kids had a very natural talk with you,.that is a great start
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