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Default Telling younger kids

So I have a 13 year old son with Asburgers and a 10 year old daughter. Over the last week I have been talking to them about how do they feel when they see Mom hugging Wolf. Both where ok with that so next we talked about kissing. So far so good. Then the big one. How do they feel if Mom has a Boyfriend who she loves.
Son : "Are you leaving Dad, no, ok then what ever. "

Daughter: " No he is mean ( he love to tease her and she gives as good as she gets) "

So we talk about how you can have more then one best friend. She understood then asked " are you going to marry him". " Well that's up to him and would not be any time soon am sure. If we did it would be a Pagan ceremony because its not legal " I said. She thinks for a bit. Then said " ok you can date him as long as if you marry I get to be a flower girl".

So have any of you told your kids and how did they handle it?
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