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Default My screen names have evolved

I started out my online persona as sunflowergirl.

Then someone else used that nic - and I went to sunnygirl

At one point - I decided to go with His real life nic for me - and became beautiful wife.

Then.... he got a job in a fishing store and I became fishing widow.

On that vanilla site - someone couldn't remember my nic and said @beautifulsunnyjane I used that for a while.

THen I shortened it to sunnyjane. That's what I signed up on Fetlife as.

My vanilla profile then became ~~Jane's Addiction~~ and will remain that way :P

When my love and I took our relationship to a new level - I became his babygirl. His name is Mark - so I changed my fetlife name to marksbabygirl.... and then signed up here.

It is a reflection of who I am to him - and how I feel around him.

But I'm still Jane :-)
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I believe that happiness is something we create

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