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No, she was not. Well, at least not in practice - possibly in thought, but I think that both of us fall under that category. She'll have to answer fthat to be certain, though.

As to why I felt the need to cheat... I had thought that it was simply the need to get laid, as Mohegan's medical conditions make sex dificult at times. But I'm not so sure anymore. Mohegan's Wife and I were talking about a month ago, and she remarked that I tended to stray when I wasn't "feeling acknowledged". I didn't really give it much thought at the time, but right now, even though my gf and I aren't sleeping together, I just don't feel the need to cheat. Mohegan and I are doing great, relationship-wise. The gf and I are working on developing a real relationship instead of all the hiding and sneaking around we were doing (I HATE hiding someone that I care about from the world) as well as her issues from her past, and I guess that I have an over-abundance of "feeling acknowledged" from the two of them.
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