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Is chivlary dead??

I went to the hosp where my new friend E works. I drove around the (many different parking areas)for 30 till I finally found her car. I put 2 roses and a note that said cant wait to see you on our date night.

She melted and was total shocked that anyone would do somthing like that. Now I read about Mono leaving the love notes on RP jogging route ( by the way brother THAT IS CASANOVA STYLE SMOOTH ). DO guys really stop being romantic when the " Honey moon is over"?

One of the great things about poly ( at least for me) there isnt a rut to get caught up in. Giving flowers to E made me that much more determined to do/go the extra step to show my wifey how much I unconditionally love her.

Im in LOVE wih LOVING!

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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