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Awwww. I hate the initial feelings of separation from a love. Right now me and my LDR have set timeframes...not exact but good morning and good night communications of some sort. We also email and IM as much as possible. When he needs to express himself in loving and romantic ways it is through letter-writing. Which I love! Something very traditional and Victorian in letters that email and texts miss. I am a sappy romantic. Who isn't?

Like Redpepper has mentioned, it is very difficult to go without the physical connection for very long. Do you have plans for meeting-up? Also are you poly? I can't remember. Do you have other sources of affection?

Best of luck. It isn't easy but it is possible. FYI we both got very jealous when the other married and had children. It worked itself out but there were moments of proprietory greed that made us each think, "How can he/she be with so-so in such an intimate way? He/she has been mine for x amount of years. I should be having a child with him/her." Crazy irrational thinking because we were separated for good reason and as a choice. Did you ever see My Best Friend's wedding- yes I know corny, romantic comedy- however, very similar kind of envy. Now, having said that, the LDR remains and our spouses are friendly. So it can work if you aren't too hard on eachother and keep the expectations real. Good luck!
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