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Originally Posted by sage View Post
You are in an even more difficult position because your love doesn't live with you, so why don't you start a blog in the blog and life story section. Just share with us how things are going, your achievements and challenges. I for one am very interested to know how you go.
Thank you for the kind words, and for this suggestion! I actually will do that.

Originally Posted by SayYes View Post
But I don't think of the two relationships in a hierarchical way, and it sounds like that's the same way A feels about you. I think you should enjoy your relationship and not put too much weight on the "what ifs" for the future. Like others have said, it's totally possible that you *can* end up eventually being included in A's family and his life the same way a monogamous partner would be.
Thanks for sharing your perspective! It sounds like A does approach things in much the same way, and its reassuring to hear that it, in your case, it has resulted in mutually rewarding relationships for everyone involved. Im trying to let go of the what ifs, but that approach to life is kind of hardwired into me. Im a worrier. I get it from my grandmother. But Im working on it!
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