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+1 to the "she's moving a bit fast" line of thought; but also +1 to the "repressing the poly thing sucks" bit, lol.

I think you ought to talk about her slowing down a bit with the new guys while you wrap your head aroiund all this, but that's just my two rusty pennies. It's also hypocritical to a degree as I tend to move VERY fast when I meet new interest - but then again, my fiance' is also poly minded ("more" than I am really, her comfort level with it and natural tendancy toward compersion is astounding) and also moves fast, so I have it a little easier, lol. Hell, 6 months into our relationship she sat me down and chewed me out because I hadn't been seeing other women when she'd made it quite clear that she wanted me to, lol.

Anyway - we'll all be here to help as best we can, that;s what this site is here for after all. Women will always find it easier to meet new partners, and it sounds like you'renot even sure you WANT any. But I think it will be interesting to see her reaction if/when you do - not judging, but we;ve seen it many times when the suddenly poly person freaks out worse than the so-called mono one once the door swings both ways. Whatever the events, I wish you the best and hope you'll both be here a long time!
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