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Cool RazeGeneration

Well Raze was my old pen name when I first started writing poems and doing music in high school. Generation Records was the name of our rag-tag record company. When I was making my myspace (many many years ago) I tried to make my URL /Raze but the name was taken, so I just made it /RazeGeneration... and it just stuck, it's been my name ever since. There's a super deep meaning behind it but I don't think you guys are really interested in that :P

but I believe in a way our nicknames say more about us than our given names. While I can still identify as (insert my government name here), I feel that in a lot of ways, I AM Raze. When I talk about myself in third person (which I may or may not do more than would be considerred (normal) lol) I often call myself Raze, simply because that's who I ACTUALLY am. (insert my government name here) just happens to be the name I'm legally identified as. But Raze is who I identify myself as... and I think that means so much more
When one limits themselves in terms of love, they have missed the point of love altogether ~ RazeGeneration
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