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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
You should let go of that. Loving more than one person is not something you should feel guilty about. It's likely to make you defensive and not take the feedback you're getting in the spirit it's intended.

The poly- community is full of resources on how to do multiple romantic relationships well. You should make use of them. It will make everyone involved's lives better if you can put some time and energy into developing poly- relationship skills, ask for advice and get feedback, and learn about ways to support Hurt in what he's going through.
Great post jK! It is very true,this forum is great for diverse feedback but there are so many other resources you can tap into as you are going through the transition going from mono to poly, or mono/poly relationships.

Imperfect- it is really hard sometimes to hear opinions when you are not ready to admit to yourself what your actions have caused, no matter the intention. No one thinks you should giveup on either of your loves. They are just saying there is a process and it ain't easy going. As far as divorce, you have to be realistic in thinking that it is always a possibility because not everyone can accept/embrace. I am a perpetrator of "hurry up and get there" tactics...doesn't always (cough-usually) ever work. There have been some real rough times for me, my husband, KT and 2Rings over the course of our year and a half journey. But I have found most people who post on here, do so with respect and best intentions. So as sensitive as you may be feeling...don't let it discourage you.
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