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Originally Posted by Imperfect View Post
I bash myself for my complex feelings on loving more than one for the last year
You should let go of that. Loving more than one person is not something you should feel guilty about. It's likely to make you defensive and not take the feedback you're getting in the spirit it's intended.

Originally Posted by Imperfect View Post
I guess the census is that I should ignore the love in my heart for L and force my heart to only love Hurt
Well, I don't think that. Look... I think maybe if you were to let go of the idea that you have to defend having feelings for L for a moment and ask yourself if reconnecting with L could have gone a bit better, you'd agree that things weren't done with perfect elegance. That's normal; we're human, there is not much support for this kind of thing, etc.

The poly- community is full of resources on how to do multiple romantic relationships well. You should make use of them. It will make everyone involved's lives better if you can put some time and energy into developing poly- relationship skills, ask for advice and get feedback, and learn about ways to support Hurt in what he's going through.

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