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Brandon Sanderson's stuff - especially the Mistborn series - is amazing, best new author in ages. Just got signed a few months ago to become a movie; I am STOKED! That'll be new...

Niel Stephenson is AMAZING. I am DYING to see someone make a movie of Snow Crash; if the Wakowski Brothers don't do it it won't get done rigt though - it's right up their alley. Anyone who hasn't read this author - you're missing out.

Card's Ender series may not have been totally original (everything is a rehash somewhere, somehow), but it was - and is - amazing. Still waiting for those movies, though...

More happiness happened last night and into today. A growing poly grouping with a strong base, tons of mutual attraction, and great communication being fed by anNRE overdose is a lot of fun, lol. Especially when all involved recognize that part for what it is, intend to enjoy it as long as possible, and are all looking forward to the gentle calm after the beautiful storm. Success so far, happiness in abundance, wish we could share it with everyone somehow because there's too much for just the four of us to handle.
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