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Originally Posted by little ole me
Its an interesting point but I think it has to do with how quickly things come out in todays media.

Look at the history of our mythology (greek, norse etc), it would recycle itself every, I don't know few hundred years. As we came closer to the 20th century the peasants became more literate, creating new stories and novels rehashed from previous mythology. Tolkien grabbed on, became popular and voila re-designed mythology into the genre of fantasy.

Scifi was a truly NEW creation as it was fed by the industrial revolution and people suddenly realizing they weren't limited to this planet. However sci fi has covered a lot of bases. And most modern sci fi is rehashed asimov who was truly amazing. There hasn't been anything truly new in decades. While asimov was a dull author, his mind was an acid trip * 10

Now, the point to that spiel...we in fact have a very limited number of stories and story lines. They used to take time to get recycled and rebuilt. But now with tv, movies and books and how quickly people absorb this stuff things get recycled more often.

Now more on topic. I would love to see a remake of oz. It has a lot of potential to be very dark and on point. I honestly believe they should bring back the drive-in style. When they had 3 mini stories...except make it the same movies with different interpretations. Could be a phenomenal way to tell a story. Take OZ and have it created in 3 distinct ways. Seeing a rehashed storey isn't the problem, its the fact they come at you too quickly.

*this is a very simplified breakdown and I am far from a true literary geek, I just like my genres and am pointing out something I realized a couple of decades ago.
HEre is my take on rebuilt and re-released stories.
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