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I will cut and paste my other post over into here. This gets talked about lot amongst geek s haha...

I love seeing the remakes. Tin Man was downright awesome. The totally warped what the original Tin Man was supposed to represent, but hey, thats been lost in translation for years (early century sci fi..tin man was the dehumanization of the industrial revolution and men being replaced by robots...or some such stuff)...obviously it doesn't apply today as the fear is missing of industry, so they change the story line and make the tin man a hero Still an awesome remake, bringing it into todays concerns.

Harry potter is a perfect example of a well rehashed story line (god I can't believe I admitted that), rebuilt into child like novels and then perfectly fit into a movie setup. You can get the entire book into a movie. While I find that boring as a book, that makes it oddly unique. You can't...and could never do it, with Tolkien or Jordan for example. It would be impossibly large.

By rehashing classic mythology into something kids will read, she has created a new wave of people that will start reading fantasy. My generation had dragonlance and d&d books based on campaigns. While I disliked the potter books a great deal, the moves are good...and I can't fault someone for getting kids to watch and read more fantasy. The Lord of the Rings did it to a degree to. Although if anyone went to read those books and understand the time period they came from, the tolkien books hold an incredible amount of deep meaning to the industrial revolution as it occurred in Europe.

I love seeing rebuilt movies as long as there is a traditional spin and the story is adapted. If it is simply a carbon copy with bad actors....thats just an arg moment.

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