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I thought I would start this here rather than monopolize another thread.

We were discussing whether Disney making the 14 book, L. Frank Baum, Oz series into movies was a good idea.

I think it is. Only one of the books, to the best of my knowledge & without googling, has been made into a movie--The Wizard of Oz with at least two take offs from that--The Wiz and The Tin Man (TV mini series).

I'm going to have to visit the library and check out the other ones.

I would love to see the others put out there.

Yes, it's true, there are an awful lot of remakes out there &, IMNSHO, a lot of not very original ideas for movies. The Oz series is close to a century old now and they've only mainstreamed ONE book? How unbelievable is that considering they're making absolutely any & everything into a movie or TV mini series?

The Harry Potter series was started a mere 13 years ago & they've already made all seven books into movies with the final installation, in two parts, coming out this November and next June.
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