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Originally Posted by distraughtinNJ View Post
Mono....don't you miss her and hate being alone so much?
The ability to be alone and happy is one I worked at and didn't develop for 37 years. I spent Xmas alone Last year and it was a wonderful and fulfilling time.

I miss Redpepper always, but I never feel completely without her. She resides in my heart no matter where she is. I also love her husband and take a great deal of pleasure in knowing she is with him and safe. I want them closer as a couple.

Their relationship is easy for me because ultimately I want their family to thrive even if it costs me in the end. I love her so much I simply want her to be happy and fulfilled within her marriage and family. That is why I have no jealousy for what they have.

I love myself now..grudgingly because of my past but still I do. I am never alone
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