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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Hey, you could buy Loving Radiance's house
LOL If only we could afford to buy a house right now!!!

I grew up in Ohio, Summers were ehhhh. Humid at times, hot at times, but overall tolerable, even with all my medical problems.

Maryland has its own weather patterns!!! I hate it! The humidity is terrible. And yes you almost really do have to swim through it. Thankfuly the air quality is so bad (yeah something to be thankful for) that they HAVE to install central air in rental properties. I rarely leave the house during the day in the summer. And in Ohio we at least got storms to cool it off. Not in MD. We get about 10 min of downpour then all that water just goes back into the air and you're not goin anywhere without scuba gear.

HMA-I was in South Dakota about 10 yrs ago and loved the dry heat. I was trying to explain it to Karma on the drive to Ohio last night. He just doesn't get it.

Oh and this Irish/German girl wears SPF-OMG all the time. Otherwise I'm a lobster for a week and then just as pale as before.
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