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Just a quick update that the meeting went fairly well. I don't think he thought the life insurance question was funny though. It could have been in the delivery I suppose.

He seemed nice enough. Not somebody I would be buddies with, but he clearly cares about my wife. And he was willing to bear the brunt of being the first secondary I have met. I know I asked some questions and shared some things that I probably should have saved for a follow-up meeting. Live and learn.

The *funniest* thing happened though... we were at a local park sitting at a picnic table when a woman started to approach us. We tried to ignore her, but she seemed to be trying to get our attention. So we asked if she needed help with something. She said she was a reporter for a local paper and wanted to know "What brought you to the park today?" We both started cracking up and I said "you probably are not going to want to print what our answer will be!". She laughed too, asked us what we thought about the heat, and moved along. We made it into the article though! Just a 2-sentence thing, but if anyone wants the link, you can PM me.

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