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Default Where we have gone to meet people

I am a female, 53 years old. My male partner, Richard, and I have joined an online dating site for swingers. I have posted a list of the couples we have met (12 of them) in just 3 short weeks on this site. (link to that post is attached) We have been on 12 "first dates" and have not had one drama or bad experience. There was not always a mutual chemistry and attraction all the way around, but we have enjoyed every meeting. There was usually at least some attraction between two of the people which helped us feel encouraged each time.

We have been careful to screen out people who are just wanting sport sex. All you have to do is look at the photos and read the profiles. We have not contacted or agreed to meet with anyone who has a genital shot photo on their profile, or any distastful photos.

We spent a lot of time with our photos and writing our profile. We are sure that is why we have had so much imediate interest. I've chatted with a member who doesn't have any photos posted and the profile isn't written well. They have only met a few couples in several years.

I would be happy to share advice about photos, writing your profile or the name of the site we are on with anyone who wants to send me a private message requesting it.
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