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Default Newbie :D

My name is Shana and let me just say how relieved I am to find this place.

Not many of my friends, or family understand the polyamorous way and there are some days I just wanna..well.. lets just say sometimes I have no one to turn to who understands and I am looking forward to meeting many new friends who can understand me, want to understand me, and may possibly help me when I am feeling the way a 3 person relationship can make you feel when shit has hit the fan..

I am currently in a relationship with a man I've desired for years he use to be my boss!! ..and a guy I've known less than a year. He and I met at my previous job and became very close---BFFs if you will. My bf and I took his virginity about 2 months ago and we decided shortly after to try this out. So far its been amazing and so very hard.

I hope I can turn to you peoples, and this board for advice, and comfort..and possibly to vent. hehe thanks
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