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Originally Posted by electra View Post
I chose mine because it was the first type of parrot that popped into my mind. My husband and I are also into mushrooms and love to go hunting for morelles andd matsutakes and chantrelles....yum
OK, so there's an electra parrot of some sort, and also fungi that are called electra? sounds like a good name. birds fascinate me, and food fascinates me too!

(ah, the scandal... my 23 year old grandmother drove a woman to the train station... That woman was Claire, who divorced my grandfather, who then married my grandmother... almost 8 years later. Shocking..)

Well, my friends wouldn't be so shocked, we did everything we could think of to shock our parents' generation. I know some young people now who are really, really straight. Which is okay! But I'm really anti-establishment.
I cannot brain today. I have the dumb.

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